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The Promise at LAVC



Welcome to Los Angeles Valley College

Enroll at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC), and we promise to help you successfully complete your first two years in college!

If you are a high school graduate,* you are eligible for free tuition and priority registration during your first and second years at LAVC with the Los Angeles College Promise (LACP).

The Promise at Los Angeles Valley College will provide you with comprehensive academic support and career services to help you be successful your first two years of college, and graduate or transfer.

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*Must have graduated from high school (or its equivalent), are California residents or non-residents eligible for in-state tuition fees (under AB 540, California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request), and have not completed any college credit (except for college classes taken while in high school).


LAVC is currently only offering online/remote services. We are available to serve you via email, online chat, and telephone. 

Note: Please use either a Chrome or Firefox internet browser to use the online services below. 

Please click on the Live Chat or Send Email option below for assistance.

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