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Two female and one male EOPS participants in cap and gown

Progress Reports


So that students are aware of their progress in each class, all EOPS students are required to return a progress report for the fall and spring semesters. The progress reports are e-mailed to students during the 7th week of the fall and spring semesters. For your convenience, students may download and print a copy of the Progress Report .

ChecklistAs instructed on the report, students must include all current classes listed on their class registration receipt, then ask their instructors to complete the following:

  • Current grade (if available)
  • Number of absences
  • Comments
  • Instructor signature 

For on-line classes, students must notify their instructors via e-mail to obtain their current grade (if available), number of absences and comments. Then, students must print out their instructor's e-mail response, attach it to the report, and under "instructor signature" write “see attached."

Once all the signatures and/or e-mail responses have been obtained, students need to bring the progress report to EOPS/CARE office with their LAVC ID and a current copy of their class schedule in person.  Incomplete cards with missing signatures will not be accepted.

If for any reason, students have difficulty obtaining a signature or an on-line instructor does not respond, please contact the EOPS/CARE Office no later than the Wednesday before the card is due.

No progress reports will be accepted after the deadline has passed.  For specific dates and deadlines, please view the Workshops/Calendar page.