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Step 5: Action Plan


Develop an Action Plan:


Once you have decided on an educational goal, it is important to know the requirements. You will create a Student Educational Plan (SEP) with a counselor to make an individual plan for your goal. The SEP will include your major specific courses, general education, and electives if needed. Before you meet with a counselor, you want to determine your goal. Do you want to graduate with an Associate's Degree (AA/AS)? Do you want to transfer or obtain an Associate's Degree for Transfer (ADT)? Use the guidelines below in to prepare for your plan of action.  

How should you prepare for a counseling appointment: 

  • What is your educational goal? 

  • What is your major? 

  • Where do you want to transfer to? 

  • Do you want to be a part-time or full-time student? 

Questions to ask your counselor:  

  • How often should I see my counselor? 

  • When do I have to choose a major? 

  • Can I earn a degree before I transfer? 

  • What are the major differences in majors between two different schools?  

  • Is my major impacted? 

  • What type of GPA should I working toward for my intended university? 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • When do I transfer? 

    • Every Student Educational Plan is different. We recommend visiting the Transfer Basics Page for additional information. 
  • What local certificates and degrees does LAVC have? 

Other Resources: