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Office HOURS & LocatIon

Administration & Career Advancement (ACA) 2201 

9 am-5 pm
(818) 947-2433

To schedule an appointment, email Jennifer Fong Borucki 



Public Relations Office


Welcome to the LA Valley College Public Relations (PR) Office

The LAVC PR Office assist with the college's internal and external communications, media relations, and campus emergency notifications to students, faculty, and staff. It also provides access to the official college logo files, and maintains the campus map.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Public Relations Office, please email Jennifer Fong Borucki.

News & Events

The PR Office shares campus news, information and events on the following platforms:

To request assistance in promoting your event, please visit LAVC Public Relations SharePoint: PR Request Process page (employee login required).

Social Media

The PR Office also manages the college's official social media sites:

It can also assist college departments and programs with creating social media sites/pages for their department, program or service.

To request assistance in promoting your event on social media or to create an account, please LAVC Public Relations SharePoint: PR Request Process page (employee login required).

Media Relations

The PR Office performs the following media relations duties for the college and its department and services:

To request a press release, please LAVC Public Relations SharePoint: PR Request Process page (employee login required). For all other media relations requests, email Jennifer Fong Borucki.

Campus Map

The PR Office maintains the LAVC Campus Map, which is posted on the college website as well as in on-campus map directories.

If you have a request for a map update, please email Jennifer Fong Borucki.

LAVC Logo / Style Guide / Photos

On-Campus employees have access to the LAVC Public Relations SharePoint: Graphic Standards and Style Guide (employee login required), including the college logo files as well as electronic letterhead and templates.

The PR Office also maintains a small collection of promotional photos, and an archive of the college's historical photos.

If you need the college logo, electronic templates or photos, please email Jennifer Fong Borucki with your request.

District Resources

Listing of LACCD Board and District Officials

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Chancellor's Office issues a LACCD Official Listing of Board and District Officials in Publications, which notes the current LACCD Board of Trustees and District officials should be noted in college and district publications.

LACCD Web Services (LAVC Web Page Updates / Kentico)

LA Valley College uses Kentico as its web site content management system (CMS). College departments, programs and services can request a Kentico license to allow designated employees to make webpage updates.

Effective Spring 2020, LACCD Web Services Team has taken over the maintenence of the LAVC Web site. The District's Web Services Team can assist with making requested web updates, creating Kentico licenses and granting access to update webpages, and unlocking accounts.

Web Page Update / Kentico Licences Requests

Kentico Training Resources

If you already have a Kentico account, check the LAVC Information Technology Web Services for information on how to update your department website content using the Kentico CMS.