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LAVC Antiracism

As an organization founded on educational excellence, opportunity and access, and dedicated to the principles of equity, justice and community, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) must lead by example, and make structural and permanent change to root out the ill effects of racism and bias from our classrooms and our workplace.

What Services Are Provided by the Academic Resource Center?

The Academic Resource Center provides free tutoring and academic/computer support services for a wide variety of subjects at Los Angeles Valley College. Click on the tiles below for detailed information or scroll down the page for links to specific centers! 

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How do I Get Started?

To access the ARC's online tutoring, LAVC students just need to go to a canvas shell and access our tutoring serivce from the class menu on the left side and click on the “LAVC Online Tutoring” link. Check out our instructions video below or click the icon below to read our FAQs instruction on how to access tutoring services.



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Who is Fendi He, and how does she help students?

Fendi He is a math professor, mentor, and tutoring liaison who doesn't let a challenge stand in her way and is passionate about helping Valley College students do the same! As a first-generation college student and immigrant, she knows what it is like to work hard and she is here to share her strategies and ideas with students.   Continue reading

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