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Hello Monarchs!  I am honored to be the Career & Technical Education Counselor at LAVC.  Providing academic counseling and developing a student educational plan to reflect your immediate and longer-term career goals is my primary objective.  However, I am also a firm advocate of incorporating career exploration throughout your college experience.  Thus, I will guide you through our workshops on soft skills or resumes, job shadowing, finding an internship, or getting entry level work experience in the industry you aspire. Each is a critical step in this process. Of course, if you want 3 transferable units in this area, you could always take COUNSELING 20 next semester!

Why is this important you may ask? As somebody who discovered his “calling” later in life, I can clearly identify with students who are struggling with life decisions in college: What should I study? Should I earn a Certificate or transfer? Should I work or get an internship? How should I best position myself for a job in today’s technologically advancing global economy?

On a good day, these questions can be overwhelming for many students—myself included. In fact, after transferring to UCLA from Pierce College as a Political Science major, I was still unsure and undecided as to what career to pursue.

It was not until I spent a year abroad and teaching English in Barcelona, Spain, did I discover that working with students brought me joy.  Though, only after earning my Master of Science in Counseling at CSULA, coupled with an internship with LACCD’s Project MATCH in Fall 2012, did my “dream job” of being a community college counselor come into focus. I was relieved to finally get to this point in my personal career journey.

Yes, the career exploration process can feel as if you are on track, but then life happens, interests change, you get a job or lose the one you had, and feeling “stuck” can result. At that point, it is hard to know which online career resources are reliable or current, whose guidance to trust, and what step to take next.

In collaboration with the resources offered at the Career/Transfer Center, becoming aware of the CTE Degree and Certificate Programs we offer at Valley College can be transformative.  Whether you want to be an RN, RT or a CPA, work in early childhood education, the entertainment industry or software development, our programs represent some of the most exciting, in-demand careers available in Los Angeles, and do not require a Bachelor’s degree.

Please come by my office in the Counseling Center so we can assess your interests, calm your fears, or inspire your dreams.

Chris Petrini
Counselor, Career & Technical Education
Los Angeles Valley College
Student Services Annex, Room 151P
Office: 818-778-5747