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Student Educational Planning (SEP)

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Once you have decided on your educational goal, it is important to know your course requirements and plan for future semesters. Your Student Educational Plan (SEP) will be used to reach your educational goal(s). Your SEP is an individualized list of required prerequisite, major, general education, and elective courses for your specific educational goal(s). Your SEP will list the courses you will need to obtain a Certificate, Associates Degree, and/or may include a plan for transferring to a 4-year college or university to earn a Bachelors Degree. The purpose of an educational plan is to provide a "master list" of the courses and prerequisites that you will need to complete in order to achieve your educational goal.

Prerequisites are courses or skills you need to satisfy before enrolling in a particular course. For example, completion of Psychology 1 with a C or higher is a prerequisite for Psycology 2.

Major requirements are a series of courses in a specific field of study or subject area. Major course requirements for Associates Degrees can be found in the LAVC College Catalog or major preparation for students planning to transfer to CSUs or UCs can be found on

General education is a pattern of courses from various disciplines which are required for graduation. The LACCD General Education Plan can be used by students pursuing an Associates Degree without transfer. For students transferring to a California State University (CSU),  the CSU GE Certification Plan is appropriate.  For students pursuing transfer to either a CSU or University of California (UC), the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum – IGETC fulfills the lower division general education requirements.

Elective courses are used to meet unit requirements for a degree or transfer and can be selected from any subject area based on the student's interest. Elective courses used for transferrable unit requirements must be designated as (CSU) or (UC:CSU) transferrable.

You may use the Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP) to list all your course requirements and use the Six Semester Plan to plan your future semesters.  Make an appointment with a counselor to review your plan and to include it in your student portal as your CSEP  and use it as your guide to complete your educational goal.