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Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms

The following are terms commonly used in distance learning:

Asynchronous Online -- Participants do not need to be online at the same time. Information is posted and available to course participants on an “anytime, anywhere” basis.

Browser -- Free software that enables users to access and display files from the World Wide Web. For the PC, a browser that works well for the Canvas system is Microsoft Internet Explorer. For the Macintosh system, the Camino browser or Firefox browser work best.

Distance or Distributive learning -- Distance Education means instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of communication technology.” Title V Article 2, Section 55370.
  • Mail correspondence
  • Radio
  • Video conferencing
  • ITV
  • Online

Hybrid or Blended Course -- A class which combines traditional, face-to-face (F2F) instruction with online, distance instruction. Classroom time is split between meeting in person and meeting online. Any combination of the two forms of educational delivery is considered a hybrid class. Before a hybrid class can be taught, the course must be approved by the Curriculum Committee.

Online Course -- A course whose instruction is totally delivered via the Internet. Students and instructor do not meet face-to-face on campus, although some instructors give on-campus examinations and/or orientation sessions.

Synchronous Online -- Participants are online at the same site (webpage) at the same time of day using technology such as chatrooms.

Threaded Discussion -- A form of asynchronous discussion on the Web whereby one user posts a message or a document and other users see it and respond to it in their own time. The thread occurs as users keep the topic ‘alive.’

URL -- Uniform Resource Locator (An address on the World Wide Web).
Example: The URL for Los Angeles Valley College is:

Web-EnhancedCourse -- A traditional, on campus or face-to-face (F2F) class where the instructor and students meet in the same place at the same time. All instructional hours are delivered to the students in the classroom. Course materials, assignments, or additional resources are made available via the Internet.

Web Page -- A location on the World Wide Web, identified by a URL, which contains a block of data.

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