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Mentor Program

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Los Angeles Valley College Mentor Program

The LAVC Mentor Program is designed to partner experienced distance learning instructors with new distance learning instructors in order to give them insight into teaching online. These insights include technical assistance in the classroom management system and online learning pedagogy.

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Giving the new online instructor an increased understanding of the classroom managment system used by LAVC.
  2. Be willing to spend time with the mentee before his or her course is offered to help the instructor set up and organize the class and then work with them during the semester the class is offered.
  3. Give the new online instructor suggestions at organizing their course content to be used effectively in an online course
  4. Give the new online instructor additional ideas on how to assess the progress of the online student in the course.
  5. Give the new online instructor additional ideas on the tools available for online instruction, for example, the use of videos, blogs, wikis and other web 2.0 tools.
  6. Be a resource for the new online instructor on whatever questions they might have in creating an effective online course.
  7. Allow the new instructor to have access to the mentor’s online course by making them a guest to the class.
  8. A brief final summary of the mentor will be submitted to the Distance Education Trainer in order to justify the pay process and to improve the program.

Mentee Responsibilities

  1. Utilize the services of the mentor on a regular basis. If mentor not being used, then that mentor may moved to another mentee.
  2. Write a brief summary of the experience so we can improve the program.

Mentor Eligibility

  1. Mentor needs to have taught a course one or more semesters totally online.
  2. Be knowledgeable with a variety of online teaching tools and strategies.
  3. The mentor may be a full or adjunct instructor.

Mentee Eligibility

  1. Course taught must be a LAVC
  2. The course being taught may be teaching a hybrid or fully online course.
  3. May be in their first or second semester of teaching the course.


  1. Instructors desiring to be mentors will notify the Distance Education Trainer and their name will be placed on the public list of available mentors.
  2. Eligible instructors desiring a mentor will submit their request to the Distance Education Trainer during the selection period.
  3. The Distance Education Trainer will match up the mentors and mentees after consulting with each.


  1. Currently $1,000 per mentee.
  2. Each mentor can have a maximum of two mentees.

If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee, please contact the Distance Learning Trainer

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