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Please see the links below that provide guidelines and resources regarding best practices for online courses.

LAVC Best Practices Online Course Checklist

Distance Education vs. Correspondence Courses

This is a sample online course with modules, discussions and assignments contributed by Valley College instructors.

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+ Offering a Class Online for the First Time

You as department chair have total control on offering a course online. You might find the following useful when offering a course online for the first time.

  1. Make sure the course is eligible to be offered online. Check the list “Approved Class List” located in the right hand column to see if the course has been approved by the curriculum process. If not, go to the section titled “Online Course Approval Process” for complete instructions.
  2. Make sure you have an eligible instructor. To teach online, all instructors need to be certified with Canvas Learning Management System. The link in the right hand column “Approved Online Instructors” lists all the instructors that have been certified and who listed LAVC as their primary school. You may have others on your faculty who have been trained at another school. To verify that they have been trained, email the distance education coordinator and she will check on their verification.
  3. Check the Union Contract. There are several parts of the contract that relate to distance learning located in Article 40 of the current agreement. Some of the highlights include: Seniority list must be followed when deciding who will teach an online course, but a seniority list also based on their online competency.

Article 40.C.5 Class size is limited to 25 students the first time the class is taught, or 35 with instructor permission, as the instructor is learning online teaching strategies. Thereafter the class size shall not exceed 40 students. Instructors may add up to 5 more students before the semester starts and then they have the freedom to add any number of students after the semester begins. Article 40.C.a

+ Offering Large Online Courses

Large Class Size Authorization can be made at the written request of a particular instructor. In consultation with the department chair, the instructor making the request is to submit the Authorization Form to the area dean during the planning stages of the schedule. This form will then be sent to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for consideration. Approval of the request allows the instructor to increase the class size and be financially compensated for the increased number of students.

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