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Online Course Approval Process

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In order to teach a class either totally online or even partially online, it needs to be approved by the curriculum committee. All classes, no matter what percentage of the class is taught online, must be approved by the Curriculum Committee.

Approving a Class for Online Instruction

The good news is that the approval application has been streamlined. The focus of the process is to demonstrate that the online class you want approved can successfully achieve the same objectives that are described in the face to face class outline.

Steps you need to follow to have a class approved for online instruction:

  1. Get a copy of the official outline for the course you want to have taught online. If your department does not have it, you can find it in the Office of Instruction. Ask Erline for a copy of the course outline.
  2. Get a copy of the Curriculum Committee Distance Education Form: For a complete listing of the Curriculum Committe forms visit the Curriculum Committee page.
  3. Fill out the form. Be very clear as to how your face-to-face course objectives can be fulfilled online. Examples of writing online objectives may be found at Online Objectives.
  4. Attach the original class outline and the results of the accessibility test and turn it in to the Office of Instruction.

The form will then be circulated to several members of the Curriculum Committee for preliminary approval. Then, the form will be returned to you to correct the suggestions made by the committee members.

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