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TAE - LAVC Honor Society

TAE Officers



the prime director of Society matters. Communication conduit to other campus organizations, and representative of the Society in various matters.


assists the President in various tasks. Traditionally takes on the responsibility of organizing such events as the ASU Club Days.

ICC Representative:

attends and represents the Society at the weekly ASU Inter-Club Council meetings held Thursdays at 1PM. Reports back to TAE regarding any matters that they may need to be made aware of.


records the minutes for the Tuesday 1PM Society meeting each week, and publishes the minutes in an agreed upon format to the membership body.


maintain the financial records of the Society, and are made privy to any financial transaction in regards to the Society. Though not necessarily weekly, regular “State of the Treasury” reports to the Society at the Tuesday meeting are traditional.

TAE Advisor

Christopher Pallotti
Professor of Philosophy