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Book a STEM Counseling Appointment today!


Please note the following:

In-person appointments are not currently being offered for Spring 2022. 

PASO STEM counseling will conclude by June 30, 2022.

Los Angeles Valley College Counseling Department is currently offering the following remote/online, and in-person services: 

  • Counseling Online Help Desk through Live Chat via Cranium CafĂ© for quick questions.  Please note, during Live Chat we cannot access your academic records, review your transcripts or create educational plans.
  • Scheduled video or phone Counseling Appointments for in depth counseling, review of academic records, evaluation of transcripts, educational planning, petition to graduate and other questions.
  • Schedule a Counseling Appointment with a Career and Academic Pathway (CAP) counselor based on your major.


Schedule your counseling appointment through the card below.

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