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Sociology (AA)


Please note:  These requirements are based on 2018-2019 LAVC Catalog.

Complete a minimum of 60 degree applicable semester units consisting of required courses for major, general education and elective courses as needed.  Some major courses may double count for general education.  Each major course must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Download Graduation Petition Form and return the completed form to the Admissions and Records Office early in your last semester of completing the requirements.  Indicate the degree(s) and general education plan(s) you are completing. For the latest degree requirements, please see the LAVC catalog.


Complete the following 3 required courses

Course Course Title UNITS
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 2 American Social Problems 3
SOC 12 Marriage and Family Life 3

Complete 9-10 Units from The Following Courses

Course Course Title UNITS
SOC 3 Crime and Deliquency 3
SOC 4 Soiological Analysis 3
SOC 11 Race and Ethnic Relations 3
SOC 17 Introduction to Counseling 3
SOC 21 Human Sexuality 3
SOC 25 Drugs and Culture 3
SOC 31 Sociology of Gender 3
SOC 35 The Labor Movement 3
SOC 84 SIMSOC: Simulated Society 1
STAT 101* Statistics for the Social Sciences 4

Total units required for major: 18-19

Follow Associate Degree General Education Requirements – LACCD Plan to meet general education unit requirements.

Required general education units: 21

Required degree applicable elective units: 20-21

Total units required: 60

*This course has a prerequisite or a corequisite.
#Cross-referenced course.