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Program Review



Program Review Information and Resources

ALL modules due June 30th, 11:59 pm (this is a hard deadline, no exceptions)

Validations due September 1st.

2019 Program Review System

Prior Program Review entries (2015-2017)

Frequently Asked Questions (links to PEPC Program Review web site)

The required modules list

Blank Modules (pdf)

The modules due for the 2019 Program Review Cycle are:

  • CTE (*CTE programs only)
  • Curriculum (*Instructional programs only)
  • Data - Achievement
  • Data - Enrollment
  • Facilities
  • Goals
  • Influences,Collaboration & Grants
  • Professional Development
  • Service Outcomes Update
  • SLO Update (*Instructional programs only)
  • Staffing (all Other)
  • Staffing (Instructional - All tenure track positions)
  • Supplies
  • Technology
  • Viability/Self-Study (*areas previously or currently on viability/self-study)