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Professional Development

Professional Development Obligation Forms (flex) 


PD Reporting 2020-2021 

The faculty flex obligation is for the academic year, July1 through June 30. 

Full-time faculty have obligation of 33.5 hours per year, plus any hourly obligation.

All faculty who teach hourly or adjunct have an obligation of half of their unit load in Fall and Spring. (For example, if you teach a 3-unit class in Fall and Spring - that's 6 total units thus the obligation for flex is 3 hours. 

The Faculty PD Flex report is reflected in your Vision Resource Center (VRC) transcript. Ensure that your transcript includes your flex trainings by this due date.

  • There is no form to fill out - the information is needed in the Vision Resource Center (VRC) that is part of your single sign-on (SIS portal).  
  • In the VRC, refer to your Transcript of COMPLETED training to see if the activities in the VRC satisfy your flex obligation.

There is a Flex Help Topic in our VRC Community to demonstrate how to (a) generate a report of your completed trainings and (b) enter flex activities that are not in your transcript. They offer step by step screen shots of how to enter your own flex and how to see your transcript of completed training.

Access the VRC through the SIS portal system (the same system to get to Canvas and Course information).

PD Planning Worksheet and Guide to Acceptable Activities 2018-19 (pdf or Word file) Use this file to plan your PD activities for the year. Remember that you can do many trainings online in the Vision Resource Center!

Please note that you may add appropriate flex activities that are not part of campus activities, e.g., conferences.

  • Committee meetings and department meetings are flex for adjunct faculty.
  • Department meetings and one committee are part of the full-time position thus you cannot claim flex for those - but full time faculty can use any additional committees for flex. 

DO NOT ADD OPENING DAY or other campus events where you signed in, unless otherwise announced.

Check with ProfDev if you have any questions.

There is this LACCD User's Guide for general uses of the VRC.

For Department and Committee Chairs:

Please use this sign-in sheet to keep track of attendance at meetings and workshops. Scan and email the sign-in sheets within one week after your meeting and no later than June 5th to