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Summer Tech Fest: August 24 and 25, 2020

LAVC Professional Development presents Tech Fest: workshops centered on the use of technology. Come partake in one session or as many as you can, as we learn from our own resident experts how to use various technologies well. Sessions run from 10:00 AM- 3:15 PM each day. 

Tech Fest Agenda with timing and Zoom information.

Tech Fest Sessions list and materials:

Accessibility: Can everyone use your Word, PDF, PPT documents, Luiza Minasyan - Handout

Beginning Photoshop, Luiza Minasyan - Photoshop HotKeys, Images

Best Practices for Dynamic and Engaging Zoom Meetings, Sally Raskoff - Handouts for Hosts and Participants and VRC Playlist

Canva, not Canvas (making images, virtual backgrounds, and infographics), Jennifer Borucki

Canvas: Ally (identifies inaccessible content, provides alternative formats), Gerry Clark - Resources

Canvas: Best practices online showcase, Amanda Keating, Josh Miller, Vitaly Shetsov

Canvas: Canvas Studio (recording videos), Magda Walsh, Amanda Keating & Dan Watanabe

Canvas: From good to great – Peer online course review, James Morris, Eric Swelstad, Scott Merrifield, Dan Watanabe, Bill Dauber, Magda Walsh

Canvas: Including all of your students - Accessibility, Josh Miller

Canvas: Proctorio (proctoring tests), Becky Green-Marroquin - Presentation TBA

Canvas: Pronto, Lily Salter and Fay Sheikholeslami

Canvas: Student engagement with each other and faculty, Laura Scott & Keidra Morris

Designing for Impact in Online Courses: From home page to course content organization, Magda Walsh - Resources

Excel: Getting Started, Gerry Clark - Resources

Excel: Tips & Tricks, Gerry Clark - Resources

Humanizing Online Course, Keidra Morris & Laura Scott

Intermediate Photoshop, Luiza Minasyan - Workshop Files, PSD Template

Kentico, Jennifer Borucki

Office 365: Understanding How Teams Work, Fay Sheikholeslami

Turnitin: Anti Plagiarism, Rebecca Pincolini - Handout

Using Zoom for Lectures & Presentations: Recording, Posting, Embedding, Sally Raskoff - Handout and VRC Playlist


Professional Development Center (PDC)
Faculty/Staff Resource Center
LARC 200
(818) 947-2712


Drop in hours are currently unavailable due to Covid-19. Please contact the Prof Dev office if you have any questions or require any assistance.