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Opening Day

August 27, 2020


This year, we were fully online for Opening Day. We have planned an exciting event for faculty, staff, and administrators. This page is your guide to what's what and when.

Dr. Lasana Hotep was our keynote speaker. His website has many resources and video!

Did you miss all or part of the Chancellors talk? You can still watch it!

From the Breakout session, Follow Up to the Keynote, check out the padlet in which you can review and contribute.

LAVC students are also currently contributing their voices, art, poetry to a padlet that was created to highlight their voices.  You can see their thoughts/work on this padlet.

Also - check out the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion page! It's a work in progress and we invite contributions.

Books and resources mentioned by Dr. Hotep:

  • The Anatomy of a College Ready Student: As Real As ..., Bridget Lambright

  • Becoming a Student Ready College, McNair, et al. *Soon to be a BUILD book group selection*

  • Jane Elliott - website

  • How to be an Anti-Racist, Ibram X. Kendhi *This Fall's BUILD book group selection*

Our theme this year revolves around Guided Pathways, Equity, and becoming a student-ready campus.

Where do I start?

  • Before the day comes, please register for the General Session and breakouts through the Vision Resource Center. 
    • Full-time faculty must register for their preferred breakouts but will be automatically registered for the General Session.
  • Once you register, look for the confirmation emails, which will include the zoom links for each meeting.
  • We will use the General Session Zoom link all day, for the General Session, 9:00 AM-1:30 PM and the rest of the day for Q&A.
    • The Zoom space will be open at 8:30 AM on Thursday, August 27, 2020.
    • Ensure that you log in before the event starts at 9:00 AM sharp.




What is happening and when?


  • The General Session is scheduled from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM, Thursday, August 27, with multiple breaks.
  • Breakout sessions:
    • Two breakout sessions, with options, scheduled for Thursday, August 27, 2020, after the General Session, starting at 1:40 PM and 2:45 PM. 
    • Three breakout sessions, with options, scheduled on Friday, August 28, 2020 at 10:00 AM, 11:15 AM, and 12:30 PM.
    • Four breakout session options, asynchronous on Friday, in the Opening Day Canvas site.
  • “Sign-in” will be through attendance in each Zoom session - to ensure you get your flex or transcript credit, use your full name, not a phone number or one name, to identify yourself. 
  • Full-time faculty members are required to satisfy the Opening Day flex with 6.7 hours.
    • The general session is 4.5 hours thus please register and attend at least two breakout sessions to complete this requirement.
    • You can do the Thursday and/or Friday breakouts to satisfy the Opening Day 6.7 hour requirement.
    • If you miss this event, it is becomes a sick day.

How do I prepare for the event?


  • Are you wondering what to eat on Opening Day for lunch? Normally, we feed you on this day, but we couldn't devise a way to deliver food to everyone...
  • This Opening Day Delights has recipes and ideas for nutrition for the day. Some do require prep work ahead of time. Check them out!


VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS to choose from. Feel free to download any or all of these to use in Opening Day and later! Right-click or Control-click on the image(s) you want to "Save Image As" and then upload into your Zoom account.