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The BUILD series consists of campus events centered around a specific book or media source and the ideas it presents. Participants will read the featured book, watch related videos, or attend guest lectures. We will meet in groups to discuss how the ideas can inform what we do as a college and in our own lives. These gatherings will build our skills relating to Guided Pathways, equity, diversity, academic excellence, and the changing  demands of the college environment. Everyone is encouraged to check out the previous books and/or media.

Come, join us, for one or all of the events in a series!

Welcome to our fifth BUILD book: So, You Want to Talk About Race

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"So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo helps people have conversations that deepen understanding of race and racial oppression and encourages them to actively dismantle systems built on holding people back. 

Oluo walks readers through concepts such as power, privilege, intersectionality, cultural appropriation, microaggressions, tone policing, and more to provide a starting point for productive conversations.  

Racism and racial oppression are more than just individual acts of oppression: They’re a system that blocks people of color from opportunities – educational, economic, social, and more—and progress that would allow everyone to live to their full potential. And it’s a system that not only keeps Black people and many people of color down but is hostile and deadly towards them.  

As the book addresses issues of police brutality, affirmative action, the school-to-prison pipeline, and White supremacy, it acknowledges the discomfort that comes from recognizing one’s role within racist systems. It encourages people to embrace that discomfort and interrogate it to move the conversation and humanity forward. 


Previous Books


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