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Dynamic Forms

(Click on image above for the K12 Dynamic Form)


Step-by-Step Video: CLICK HERE

Step-by-Step PDF (English): CLICK HERE 

Step-by-Step PDF (Spanish): CLICK HERE



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Enrollment for High School Students


How to Participate in Concurrent and/ or Dual-Enrollment:

Process in Spanish: Vea el proceso de inscripción doble aquí

Step 1: Complete an LAVC Online Application

Most applications are processed within 48 hours of being submitted, sometimes applications may take up to 10 business days to be processed. Once the application is processed, students receive an email with their student ID number. Students should check the email account they provided on their application, for an email from: This email sometimes inadvertently goes into spam, make sure to be checking the spam folder as well.

Helpful YouTube Video with step-by-step tutorial on filling out an LAVC Application, CLICK HERE or application walkthrough PDF, CLICK HERE

Step 2: Complete a Supplemental Application for Students in Grades K-12 (K-12 Form) via Dynamic Forms

Once the student receives their student ID number (which will start with an 88 or 90), they will need to complete a Supplemental Application for Students in Grades K-12 (often called a K-12 Form) via Dynamic Forms. CLICK HERE to go directly to the Dynamic K-12 Form. 

Important information regarding the Dynamic K-12 Form:

  1. Students must complete all sections of the K-12 Form in Dynamic Forms including:

Parent/ Guardian’s Email Address: Student should include their parent/ guardian’s email, which they regularly check. The K-12 Form will be emailed to the parent/ guardian for their digital signature. Please be aware the parent/ guardian will also need to create a Dynamic Forms Account. 

Counselor/ Principal’s Email Address: Students should enter their high school and include their high school counselor’s First and Last Name as well as their email address.

  1. After both the student and parent/ guardian have digitally signed the K-12 Form, it will be sent to the high school counselor.
  2. After all digital signatures are collected, the digital K-12 Form will be sent to the Office of Admissions & Records at Los Angeles Valley College for processing.
  3. Once the K-12 Form has been processed by Admissions & Records, the student will receive an email from notifying them the form was processed.


New K-12 Form Required for every Term: A new K-12 Form must be submitted for each term the student wishes to enroll at Los Angeles Valley College.

K-12 Form is Campus Specific: The K-12 Form is specific to a campus. Students cannot submit the K-12 Form to Valley College and enroll in a class at Pierce College. Students will need to submit another K-12 Form to Pierce College. ​

Enrollment Limits are District wide: The K-12 Form allows the student to enroll in up to 11 units in the Fall/ Spring semesters and 9 units in the Summer/ Winter intercessions. Students enrolling at multiple LACCD Campuses should be aware that units are totaled District wide.


If you need help using the Dynamic Forms K-12 Form, please use the Step-by-Step guides below:

Step-by-Step Video: CLICK HERE

Step-by-Step PDF (English): CLICK HERE or Step-by-Step PDF (Spanish): CLICK HERE


Step 3: Once the Dual-Enrollment form is cleared, the student is able to Enroll in their classes

  • Students are not automatically added to the classes on the K-12 form. The form simply allows the student to enroll themseleves in  classes for which they were approved to enroll.
  • If students wish to add classes not listed on their initial K-12 form, they will need to submit another K-12 form
  • Need help adding classes? The Welcome Center is available to help! Services have been moved online. At this time, please visit the Welcome Center website for Live Chat assistance or email the Welcome Center at
  • Want to know what books the student would need? Visit our Monarch Bookstore Online then follow the directions under "Course Materials"

If you have any other questions, please email *please note, this email account will not be able to process a K-12 form or check on the status of a form. To check on the status of a form, the student must visit the online Admissions Live Chat to speak with an Admissions representative. 



Tuition is FREE for High School Students! High school students concurrently enrolled in a public school district are exempt from enrollment fees charged for all terms, including Summer. Enrollment fees are waived for students taking 11 units or less during the Fall/ Spring semesters or 9 units or less during the Summer/ Winter terms.

High School students are still responsible for purchasing textbooks and other school materials. 


If the student is having trouble logging into their online canvas class, contact our Virtual Valley Help Desk! CLICK HERE


Before checking to see if the student needs to reset their password, first try following the directions for re-setting their password or signing in for the first-time.

First, try re-setting the student’s password. Helpful YouTube video on how to reset a student’s password, CLICK HERE

Secondly, try using the option of signing in for the first time. We recently changed our student system and this may be the reason the student is unable to login. Please try logging into the Student Portal using the directions provided, CLICK HERE. YouTube video on how to login to the student’s student portal for the first time, CLICK HERE

If above two option do not work, the student can call the LAVC Student Support at (818) 938-8418 to help reset their password or email and include the students full name, student ID number, and date of birth (DDMMYY). Please only use this option if the student has already tried signing into their account using the first two options provided above.

Once the students password is reset, the student will need to try logging into the Student Portal using the directions provided as a first time user, CLICK HERE. YouTube video on how to login to the student’s student portal for the first time, CLICK HERE

If the student is signing in for the first time and/ or needs help navigating their student portal, please contact the Welcome Center for assistance.


Once the semester has begun, the student will need to obtain a permission number from the instructor - the student will be unable to add a class that has already begun without a permission number, only the instructor can provide the student with a permission number.

Search for the instructor’s email, CLICK HERE

Once the student is given a permission number by the instructor, here is a video on how to add using a permission number, CLICK HERE


It is the students responsibility to meet any prerequisites for a class. A prerequisite is a requirement that a student demonstrate current readiness to enroll in a particular course or program. Prerequisites are listed in the Schedule of Classes and Course Catalog.

Students may use unofficial transcripts to clear prerequisites based on classes taken at California colleges and universitiesPrerequisites cannot be cleared based on high school credit, high school transcripts, or high school counselor recommendation​.

If the student feels they meet a prerequisite for a class, from their student LACCD email address, send an email to that contains their:

  1. Last Name, First Name
  2. LACCD Student ID Number
  3. Course(s) for which they are attempting to enroll
  4. Course(s) on their transcript which they believe meet the prerequisite(s)
  5. Contact phone number
  6. Attach their unofficial transcript. The transcript must include the college/ university name and the students name.


Make sure that the student has a placement for math and/or English on their account. If they do not, they will be unable to add a math and/or English class even if the student has submitted a dual-enrollment form. 

An easy way to check the students math and/or English placement would be for the student to login to their student portal and click on Student Status, then click on Assessment Result.

If the student does not have a placement, the student will need to fill out this form, AB 705 Form and email it to from their student LACCD email address.


Nearly all classes have been converted to an online learning platform in response to COVID-19. Synchronous classes are conducted remotely with REQUIRED virtual scheduled meetings. Asynchronous classes are conducted remotely with NO required virtual scheduled meetings. Some classes will be both synchronous and asynchronous with SOME REQUIRED virtual scheduled meetings. Please review class notes for details or contact the instructor for more information on how their class will be conducted. 


If the student is in grades K-8, please contact and indicate that you are inquiring about enrollment for a K-8 student (this email is for K-8 students only) For more information on K-8 students, CLICK HERE

Dual Enrollment Process in Spanish:

Cómo participar en la inscripción simultánea y / o doble

PDF paso a paso (en español): HAGA CLIC AQUÍ

Video paso a paso: HAGA CLIC AQUÍ

Enlace directo al formulario dinámico: HAGA CLIC AQUÍ