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Registered Nursing (AS)


Please note:  These requirements are based on 2021-2022 LAVC Catalog.

Unit Requirement: A minimum of 60 semester units of course credit in a selected curriculum with at least 18 semester units of study in a major or area of emphasis and at least 18 semester units of study in general education. Associate degrees for transfer, as defined in Education Code § Section 66746, must be aligned with transfer model curricula as approved by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges and must require 60 semester units for completion, with at least 18 units of study in a major/area of emphasis and completion of Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or California State University General Education Breadth Requirements.

LAVC Catalog

Graduation Petition Information

Complete a minimum of 60 transferrable semester units consisting of required courses for major, general education and elective courses as needed.  Some major courses may double count for general education.  Each major course must be completed with a grade of C or higher. To explore career and academic pathway options, visit the LAVC Program Mapper.

Students who plan to graduate and/or transfer should first meet with a Counselor to review and submit a Petition for Graduation early in the semester before they are expected to complete their requirements. Online Graduation  Petitions that are submitted without a counselor’s approval will require a counselor's review and approval in order for it to be processed. For the latest degree requirements, check the LAVC catalog.

Nursing Program Prerequisites: The following (5) courses must total at least 16 semester units or 24 quarter units. 

Course Course Title
 1.   ANATOMY 1 with lab Introduction to Human Anatomy
 2.   PHYSIOL 1 with Lab Introduction to Human Physiology
 3.   MICRO 20 with Lab General Microbiology
 4.   PSYCH 1 General Psychology I
 5.   PSYCH 41 Life-span Psychology; From Infancy to Old Age
Other Program Prerequisites:
MATH  Students placed into a transfer-level math course will have met the math requirement.
ENLGISH 101 College Reading and Composition I (Minimum of 3 semester units or 4.5 quarter units)
Chemistry 51 or Equivalent One college Chemistry course with a lab, CHEM 051 or equivalent, (or one year High School Chemistry with a lab).
To graduate from the college and receive an AS degree in nursing, the following Program and General Education requirements must be completed in the order listed below and prior to graduation. The Nursing Faculty strongly encourages students to complete all coursework prior to entering the Nursing Program
Communication 101 (Minimum of 3 semester or 4.5 quarter units) must be completed prior to entering the 3rd semester of the Nursing Program (This is also a BRN Requirement )
Humanities • 3 semester units under LACCD GE Plan Area C, must be completed prior to entering the 4th semester of the Nursing Program.
American Institutions • 3 semester units under LACCD GE Plan Area B1, must be completed by the end of the 4th semester of the Nursing Program.
Kinesiology LACCD GE Area E shall be waived for degrees in Nursing (AP 4100).

Nursing Science Courses

Course Course Title UNITS
NRSCE 101* Introduction to Nursing 3.5
NRSCE 102* Fundamentals of Nursing 3.5
NRSCE 103* Nursing Process  1
NRSCE 104* Nursing Communication 1
NRSCE 105* Nursing Pharmacology  2
NRSCE 106* Medical - Surgical Nursing I 5.5
NRSCE 107* Medical - Surgical Nursing II 5.5
NRSCE 108* Medical - Surgical Nursing III 4
NRSCE 109* Gerontology & Community Based Nursing 2.25
NRSCE 110* Psychiatric - Mental Health Nursing 3.25
NRSCE 111* Reproductive Nursing and Women's Health 4
NRSCE 112* Care of Children and Family 4

Total Nursing units required for major: 39.5

*This course has a prerequisite or a corequisite.
#Cross-referenced course.