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Audio Video Services


Instructional Media Services (IMS) houses, circulates, and maintain a limited pool of equipment to support academic instruction and College-related business on campus.  The equipment can be scheduled/reserved by the IMS staff in the second floor of LARC 200.

Office Hours and Location:

Second floor Library building, room 200
Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 8:30pm;
Friday: 7:30am-3:30pm


Extension: 2485 or 2405

Onsite services for instructors

In the classroom 

Smart classroom equipment troubleshooting before or during class. (Report problems directly x2405 or 2485)
Smart Classroom Listing

In meetings          

Don’t commute to meetings, teleconference. With Zoom technology we can put you and all your colleagues in the same room, even if they’re not in the same state. Take one of our loaner laptops or other AV gear like still cameras, projectors, laptop connectors, and show your Powerpoint just like you were all in the same room.

At events              

IMS can provide you with video and sound systems and maybe even record the event for you.


IMS can give you one-on-one training with all our gear and all smart classroom equipment. Many buildings have different setups. So if you’ve been assigned to a new classroom ask us for training.