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Office 365 Email Migration Information



Office365Migration_image-01.pngLos Angeles Valley Information Technology department is excited to announce that all colleges and ESC IT departments have begun migrating all LACCD employees to Microsoft Office 365. This strategic initiative provides a flexible and extensible platform that will support the growing needs of all institutions for years to come.

What news with Office 365 email system?
There are a number of benefits that you may expect with the new email upgrade. We will have 1 unified inbox. What this means is that all your existing email addresses will still receive email, but they will be delivered into a single location seamlessly.
Office 365 includes many applications, including email, calendar, conferencing, collaboration, and instant messaging (Teams) and Office Online (tools to create and edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. documents in your web browser.)
Additionally, you will have 50 gigabytes of archive space, as well as an increased attachment and primary inbox limit. You will also have access to 1000 gigabytes of cloud storage on OneDrive with the ability to share and collaborate on files with other colleagues.