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Office 365: Migrated Mail, Calendar & Contacts


Where can I find my Migrated Mail, Calendar, Contact in Office 365?

A. Migrated Mail and Folders

  • Log in to Outlook Office 365 Web application with your SIS credentials.
  • Click on More. 

Figure 1 - Click on More

  • Once the More has been expanded, you should see a folder name “Imported”.

Figure 2 - click on Imported Folder

  • Click and expand the Imported folder, all your migrated mail including inbox, and other folders from your old LAVC account should be listed similar to the screen shot below:

Figure 3 - Expanded Imported Folder

B. Migrated Calendar

  • At first, the calendar would be empty similar to the screen below.
  • Click on Calendar radio button.

Figure 4 - Empty Calendar

  • After selecting Calendar radio button, the migrated calendar should be listed.

Figure 5 - Migrated Calendar

C. Migrated Contacts

  • Similar to the migrated calendar, at first you would see an empty contact.  
  • Click on Contacts

Figure 6 - Empty Contacts

  • Your migrated contacts will be displayed. 

Figure 7 - Migrated Contacts