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Microsoft Imagine Web Store


What is Microsoft Imagine?

Los Angeles Valley College is a member of Microsoft Imagine (formerly Microsoft Dream Spark).  Microsoft Imagine is a Microsoft service that provides faculty, staff and students access to Microsoft software web store for learning, teaching and research purposes.

There are two subscription levels, Standard and Premium, which include the latest development tools, operating systems, and server software for academic related purposes i.e. for instructional use, research and / or design, development and testing of projects for class assignments.  The software is being provided at no cost as part of the agreement between Microsoft and Los Angeles Community College District.  The software cannot be used for any for-profit software development.

MS Imagine Standard is available for download to all students, faculty, staff.  To download software under Microsoft Imagine Standard, students, faculty and staff must use the following email addresses.

For students, use

For faculty members, use either or 

For staff members or non-teaching members, use email address. 

Web site: or 

Follow this instruction to register and download software.

MS Imagine Premium is available to STEM departments and its students.  If you are not sure if your department is considered a STEM department, visit Microsoft’s STEM Definition Guidelines page.  If you are a faculty member or a student in a STEM department and wish to access to MS Imagine Premium Web Store, please contact your department chair for more information.

What software is included in Imagine Standard and Premium?

Product Categories Standard Premium
Windows Client   X
Window Server X X
Visual Studio Community X X
Visual Studio Professional  X  
Visual Studio Enterprise    X
Visio   X
Project   X
OneNote   X
SQL Server X X
BizTalk Server X X
SharePoint Server   X

What happens when I am no longer a LAVC student or faculty or staff?

Students, faculty, and staff are not required to uninstall the software obtained through Imagine when they are no longer enrolled or are separate from LAVC as long as usage still meets the requirements of the End User License Agreement (for personal, research, or instructional use, not for commercial or business use).

For technical assistance with MS Imagine web store service, please contact Microsoft Imagine Support.