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Information Technology & Media Services

Campus Wi-Fi Upgrade



Under the 40J Bond program, our Information Technology office is beginning a major upgrade to the campus technology including smart classroom, wireless, wired, switches, telephone and physical security networks in all campus buildings: Upgrading Wireless Network Project is our Top Priority. 

The project will address the ever-increasing need for Internet bandwidth due to the continued influx of mobile devices, such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and other wireless electronics on campus.  

Set to be completed before the end of 2018, this project will make several additions and improvement to the LAVC’s wireless system.  New equipment will be added, and a significant amount of equipment will be upgraded.  Areas on campus with spotty coverage will be brought up to a consistent standard of coverage, capacity, and capability.  The new wireless system is a secure network utilizing 802.1 x authentications.  In addition to offering better security, some of the other benefits include a one-time login per device, no more web authentication, which means you will no longer be required to re-authenticate when you arrive on campus or move between buildings.