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Campus Resources



Paystubs, illness balances, District and campus announcements, and messages from your students are sent through college email. It is important to check it frequently.

How to get an email account: Pick up a form in Administrative Services, ACA 2301 or click here for a request form. It will need to be signed by your department chair and returned to Administrative Services. If you have trouble accessing your account, go to the IT department (at the north end of Campus Center).


If you are a full-time faculty member, you should have a phone in your office. If you are an adjunct faculty member, you may use a phone in your department or in the PDC (LARC 200) to make on-campus calls or local calls in the area. You can request voicemail (a useful way for students to contact their adjunct instructors) from Administrative Services. Information on these and other resources are available on the Administrative Services website. Forms, such as a request for business cards or voicemail, are also available on its site. Click here for forms.

Sheriff’s Office:

The Sheriff’s Office, located in the Sheriff’s Building in Parking Lot D, is staffed 24/7 to provide campus security and assist you – whether to unlock a locked door, respond to a hazardous situation, provide a campus escort to you or a student to walk to your car at night, or come to your aid in an emergency – remember to call 2911 from a campus phone or (818) 947-2911 from an off-campus number. The office issues college ID's with verification from Personnel that you are a college employee. The Sheriff's Office also has a Lost & Found.


Free on-campus parking is provided to faculty and staff in several lots. The parking stalls for your use are marked “staff.” Please park there to allow students to park in the student lots. Faculty/staff lots are in the following locations: College Road North lot, College Road South lot, Parking Lot D, in the marked spaces on Ethel between Allied Health Sciences and Hatteras, in the lot off of Ethel (near Parking Lot G), in the first row of Lot C (east of the Art Building), and in Lot H (entered from Burbank Blvd.). Faculty can also park anywhere in the parking structure accessible from Ethel. There is a fee for parking in the electric vehicles parking stalls – obtain a ticket from the machine located on that same level.

To park in faculty/staff spaces or lots, your car must have the required parking permit hanging from the rear view mirror. This permit can be obtained from the College Sheriff’s Office. Cars parked on campus without the pass may be ticketed. (If you drive a different car to campus and forget your pass, go to the Sheriff’s Office for a temporary one. If you receive a ticket for not displaying a permit, visit the Sheriff’s Office, show them your valid permit, and ask if they will reverse it.) If your parking pass is old and the cadets can't read the permit number, you might get a red warning notice on your car. If you do, go to the Sheriff's Office and show your college ID. You will be issued a new parking pass.

LAVC Emergency Response Plan:

See the evacuation map and other crucial information for your safety on campus.

Emergency Notifications:

In case of an emergency affecting the college, emails will be sent through campus email. Sign up for the emergency alert system to receive notifications on your cell phone, home phone, and/or personal email. Click here for information on how to sign up. You will need to use an on-campus computer to access the portal. Computers are available in LARC 200.


Keys for offices, classrooms, and cabinets should be requested from the Office of Administrative Services before the beginning of the semester. Click here for forms. Key requests must be approved by your department chair. If you don’t have a key to your classroom, get there early and call the Sheriff’s Office (818) 947 2911 to let you in.

Reprographic Services (Repro):

Repro takes care of your copying needs. It is located in the Administration Building, ACA 1701. Work orders may be submitted in person or electronically from a district email address. Copy cards are issued to each faculty member and may be reloaded two weeks before the beginning of each semester and two weeks after the start of the semester for a limited number of copies on the self-service machines if you need them at the last minute. Otherwise, submit your orders a few days in advance either in person or by email (sent from your college email address).


Mailboxes are provided for faculty in the mailroom, Administration Building, Room 1708 (next to Reprographics). You will need to request a key using the portal, which can only be accessed from an on-campus computer. When it's ready, you'll be notifed by email to pick it up in Administrative Services, ACA 2301. Students may drop material for you through a slot outside the mailroom. Be sure they use an envelope and put your name on it.

Information Technology (IT):

For IT assistance, call the help desk at (818) 947-2489 (#1). There is also an online help page. If you need assistance with the email username and password you have requested from Administrative Services, you will need to visit IT in their office at the north end of Campus Center. For information on Wi-Fi on campus, go to LAVC Wireless Network.

Work and Service Orders (WSOs):

Contract faculty may submit work orders through the SAP portal from any campus computer to request repairs needed in a classroom or office. The WSO is sent to the department chair or supervisor for approval before being given to the appropriate division (IT, Maintenance & Operations). Adjunct faculty with concerns should contact their department chair about the problem. If conditions pose an immediate safety hazard, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (818) 947-2911.

Food and Beverages:

Food and beverages are available in the new cafeteria in the Student Union. The cafeteria operates Mon.-Thurs. from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fri. 7 a.m. to 3.p.m. The Lion Cafe in the Student Union brews Peet's Coffee and offers espresso, lattes, cold blended coffee drinks, hot and iced teas, iced coffee, fresh pastries and more. It is open Mon.-Thurs. from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m.  The faculty/staff lounge has round tables and a microwave. 

There are a few places to get food nearby. Sharky's on the south side of Burbank west of Fulton offers a 10% discount to LAVC employees showing their college ID. Subway is located near the Metro stop on the NW corner of Burbank and Fulton.

Fitness Center:

Faculty and staff are welcome to use the Fitness Center (South Gym). Contact the Athletic Program Secretary, Lu Grella, at (818) 947-2894. You can also use the LAVC outdoor swimming pool at certain times.

LAVC Rideshare Program:

To reduce air pollution, the LAVC Rideshare Program offers incentives (either $1 or $1.25 a day) to employees who carpool, use public transportation, bicycle, walk, or use alternative fuel vehicles. Find out how you can save money through this program.