Literature Courses

The English Department has a wide range of courses specifically designed to help students develop their writing and research skills while reading and interpreting literary works from ancient and modern times, from England, America, and the rest of the world.

This semester's online
LAVC schedule of classes will give you crucial information on each of our literature and creative writing courses.

You can take some of our literature classes for honors credit, as explained in the schedule. Also see the
TAP program for further info on honors.

English Circle is a special project of the LAVC English Department that provides special help and special events for English majors, those considering the major, and the college community as a whole.

The tutors at the
Writing Center, in Humanities 101, aren't there only to help students in composition classes. Many of them are experienced English majors and can offer a lot of help for those working on literary research, interpretive essays, and even poetry and fiction.

While none of our literature courses are offered online at this time, one of our instructors, Rod Moore, has course web pages that supplement his two courses in British Literature,
English 205 and 206.

There is an
essay contest each semester for students who write outstanding essays in English 102, Introduction to Literature.