Faculty & Staff

You can reach the English department offices by calling 818-947-2343. Our student worker is in the office, Humanities 121, from Monday to Thursday and would be happy to help you. If you want to reach a particular instructor, here are some of our extensions and office locations. If your instructor's name doesn't appear here, he or she is probably a part-time instructor and can be reached by leaving a note in his or her mailbox, in Humanities 121. You can also check LAVC’s general faculty phone and email directory here.

DAVIS, Ellen: x2801
Humanities 121F

FORNATARO, Gayle: x2445
Campus Center 239

HEYN, Marion: x2532
Campus Center 240

HOPE, Leslie: x2525
Humanities 109B

HUBBARD, Reginald x2345
Humanities 121C

KURZ, Meredith: x2552
Campus Center 232

McLEAN, Ross: x2970
Bungalow 35

METZGER, Robert: x2473
Campus Center 236

MINTZ, Jessica: x2427
Humanities 109

MOORE, Rod: x2800
Humanities 121B

PIERCE, SUE: x2447
Campus Center 223

ROSOW, La Vergne: x2591
Humanities 121G

STARK, Jacqueline: x2340
Humanities 121D

STONEHAM, Cheryl x2594
Humanities 121A

WALLIS, William: x2595
Humanities 121H

WERNER, Rita: x2324
Humanities 121F

ZOUNES, John: x2970
Bungalow 35