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Attention Students!
Did you know that you can go directly into English 101? You can!


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Welcome to the LAVC English Department

We Are Here to Help You With All Your Courses

General Information

The English Department office is located in Humanities 121, and is open Monday through Friday., from 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

Our administrative assistant, DeLorean Thomas, or one of our student workers, will be present to take your questions and help you find a class, a teacher, or a teacher's mailbox.

The chair of our department, Patrick Hunter, also has his office in Humanities 121H, where he is happy to answer your questions when he can.

Click on the links at the top left to learn more about our different classes and other features of the department.


The English Department faculty members have established Student Learning Outcomes for all our courses. SLOs are our expectations of the knowledge and skills students will demonstrate upon successful completion of our courses. You can look at our individual course SLOs here.

We have also designated a more general outcome for all those who plan to graduate with an AA or AA-T in English:

“Students will demonstrate the ability to use critical thinking skills to analyze, question, and understand their relationship to intellectual and social traditions.”