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Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEA)

Counseling Department
Contact & Hours

Student Services Annex (SSA)


Phone # (818) 938-8418

All new students are required to complete the Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEA) matriculation process which includes three core services: English and Math PlacementOrientation, and Counseling/Student Educational Planning (POC).


Following the guidelines of AB 705, LA Valley College has implemented a NEW process for placement into English and Math courses as part of student's application process. The college application process utilizes multiple measures including high school coursework, grades, and grade point average to determine placement into college-level English and Math.

New and returning students may refer to their U.S. high school transcripts when answering the multiple measures questions as part of the initial college application.

Students interested in being placed in the English as a Second Language (ESL) sequence may visit the Assessment Center for ESL assessment and placement.

Students not qualified to answer the multiple measures questions, should complete the AB-705 Guided Self-Placement form with a counselor for English and math placement.  


All new students are required to complete New Student Orientation online which is a multime­dia presentation.  Go to  LACCD Student Portal, Click on Student Status tile, then click on Student Success Page, then click on New Student Orientation.  

Topics include:

  • Campus Policies & Procedures
  • Academic expectations
  • Educational Program Information
  • Campus resources and special programs
  • Maintaining registration priority


First Year Student Educational Planning (SEP):  Once students have completed the self-placement and the online New Student Orientationthey are required to complete online Counseling: First Year Student Educational Planning. This is a counselor-led group advisement ses­sion where students can receive more personalized attention and review of the following:

  • Educational programs
  • Registration Process
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • First Year Educational Planning (Abbreviated SEP)

You may complete this session either through your Student Portal or by attending a live Zoom session. 

  • To complete from your Student Portal, click on the Student Status tile, then click on Student Success Page, then click on First Year Educational Planning.
  • To attend a live ZOOM First Year Educational Planning  session, register for one of the sessions below.


Tuesday 4/13/2021 10am-12pm 
Wednesday 4/14/2021 4:30pm-6:30pm 
Monday 4/19/2021 4:30pm-6:30pm 
Thursday 4/22/2021 10am-12pm 
Wednesday 4/28/2021 4:30pm-6:30pm
Thursday 4/29/2021 10am-12pm 


Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP):

Students are encouraged to declare their educational goal and major as early as possible in their college career.  Students should meet with a counselor to develop their Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP) within their first year of college. The Comprehensive SEP guides students in completing their educational goal.  Counselors are available year-round by appointment for:

  • Comprehensive SEP
  • Career assessment and exploration
  • Transfer information
  • Academic or personal issues