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The Valley College Connection Podcast

Check out NEW episodes on the Valley College Connection Podcast. Listen to a Conversation on Happiness, and an interview with LAVC alumna & UC Berkeley student Sabrina Luna.

The Valley College Connection Podcast

The LAVC Academic Resource Center has partnered with KVCM Monarch Radio to present a college podcast called the Valley College Connection.

Hosted by Dr. John Kawai, professor of mathematics, and Scott Weigand, professor of English, this podcast features engaging conversations about success with educators, students and alumni.

Each week, they sit down with a different guest to find out ways they have had to plan, persevere, and overcome to be where they are now. The show also highlights resources and services that are working to make a difference at Valley College.

Check out the Valley College Connection's selection of podcasts featuring interviews with:

  • Sabrina Luna, LAVC alumna/UC Berkeley student/philosophy major
  • A Conversation on Happiness with Scott Weigand and Dr. John Kawai
  • Miguel Sandoval, EOPS counselor
  • Howard Levine, professor of accounting
  • Meghan Gaynor Cason, Librarian and faculty member
  • Amber Angel, LAVC/CSUN alumna and Family Resource Center coordinator
  • A Conversation on the George Floyd Protests with Dr. Llanet Martin, Scott Weigand, and Dr. John Kawai
  • Annie Reed, associate dean of student services
  • Florentino Manzano, vice president of student services
  • Jonathan Arnold, Esq., Extension director
  • Ellie Rabani, CalWORKs director
  • Scott Weigand, Academic Resource Center director
  • April Forest, LAVC/Pitzer College alumnae
  • Dr. Erika Endrijonas, former LAVC president
  • Dr. Darby Southgate, professor of sociology
  • Clive Gordon, career counselor
  • Dr. John Kawai, assistant professor of mathematics
  • Ana Trujillo, associate professor of mathematics
  • Kassidy Miller, STEM coordinator
  • Michelle Fowles, dean of institutional effectiveness
  • Dr. Elliott Coney, Black Scholars counselor
  • George Caledonis, associate professor of mathematics
  • Dr. Llanet Martin, associate dean of student equity

Listen online on the Valley College Connection Podcast webpage, or stream the podcast on iTunes PodcastStitcherGoogle Podcast, and Spotify.


Posted by: LAVC PR Office on 11/15/2020 5:01:01 PM