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LAVC Instructor Featured in The Migrant Kitchen Documentary

Adjunct instructor Kenneth Feldmeier in the LAVC Anthropology Department shares his perspective on Middle Eastern cuisine in the KCETLink documentary, The Migrant Kitchen, which highlights the diverse ethnic cuisines and immigrants that shape the city of Los Angeles.

LAVC Instructor Featured in The Migrant Kitchen Documentary

Kenneth Feldmeier, adjunct instructor of Anthropology, is featured in The Migrant Kitchen, a documentary series and Web page that highlights the ethnic cuisines and immigrants that have shaped—and continue to shape—the city of Los Angeles.

In the series' fourth episode "Loghmeh: Whole Animal Roasts & Middle-Eastern Culinary Traditions", Kenneth shares his insight how immigrant chefs help to enrich the City of Los Angeles by sharing pieces of their culture through the food they serve. He is also featured in the one-hour special of The Migrant Kitchen.

Kenneth, who is of Assyrian descent, became connected to this documentary project through chef Debbie Michail and his brother, who is a chef. His grandfather came to the United States to escape the Assyrian genocide that occurred during World War I, and stories of his family's history plays a strong influence on his interest in the Middle East. He also wrote an article on Tracing the History of Middle-Eastern Cuisine and Setting Roots in Los Angeles for The Migrant Kitchen on the KCET Web page. 

The Migrant Kitchen is presented by KCETLink in association with Life & Thyme, and explores Los Angeles’ booming food scene through the eyes of a new generation of chefs whose cuisine is inspired by the immigrant experience. The documentary gives a glimpse into the kitchens of chefs who have transformed the culinary landscape of the city, combining traditional ethnic cuisines and a fusion of new flavors and techniques to make Los Angeles one of the food capitals of the world. The documentary is a 2017 James Beard Awards nominee and a 2017 Webby Award nominee. For more information, visit KCETLink's Migrant Kitchen Web Page.


Posted by: LAVC PR Office on 5/10/2017 5:00:13 PM