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LAVC College Budget Office

Budget Classes and Training


The following classes are developed and taught by the Campus Budget Office and are available through Staff Education and Development. Most courses are offered few of five times a year, depending on the demand.   In addition, group or individual training can be tailored to your departmental needs and offered in house at a time convenient for you and your staff. To request a class or sign up for any upcoming training, please contact Violet Amrikhas at (818)947-2533.

Campus Operating Budget

This course is intended for Department chairs, Program Directors, Faculty and staff, or anyone wishing to better understand the operating budget process. The course provides an overview of the operating budget process including campus interactions with the State, Office of the President and campus departments. In addition, participants will learn how the campus receives and allocates resources, understand the functions of the Campus Budget Office and discuss topics impacting the campus operating budget.

Online Transfer of Funds

This course provides participants with a hands-on demonstration of how to complete and approve Online Transfer of Funds. Through participation in this course, participants will learn how to complete current year and permanent transfer of funds, understand the approval hierarchy required for permanent transfers and learn how to track uncompleted documents.