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LAVC College Budget Office

Customer Service


Our customer service objective

The Campus Budget Office seeks to satisfy our customers' budgetary needs by improving customer relations, quality of service, and customer care. We do this by improving campus communications of budget information, while providing training and ad hoc consultative services.

Our goals and the strategies for meeting those goals are described below. We appreciate any comments or suggestions.





Develop a visible customer service by building and improving customer relationships (focused on what, how, when info is communicated)


Create an electronic, simple, and targeted survey for CBO customers



Develop simple method of assessing customer feedback, focused on actionable input with most immediate and broad impact.


Develop 1-2 focused events per year through which CBO proactively builds campus relations

Proactively educate campus on latest budget information, issues, policies and procedures, and engage in collaborative efforts to service unit needs, etc.

  Develop a comprehensive communications plan to include target audience, type of information to disseminate, frequency of communication, etc
    Improve communications with campus clients to ensure transparency of budget process and information.
    Develop CBO philosophy and guide for its website content as a window for our customers.  Redesign to improve effectiveness and ease of use and update regularly to maintain relevancy.
    Develop additional classes and alterate opportunities to educate campus constituents.
    Be proactive in providing guidance/assistance/consultative services campus wide.