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LAVC College Budget Office




Chart of Accounts 

A current and accurate Chart of Accounts is an integral part of the accounting systems of institutions of higher education. Valley College’s Chart of Accounts consists of many different funds, departments, programs, and projects that allow the College to track various financial activities within its general ledger.

To request a new cost center in any of these segments, or modify an existing value in any segment, you will need to fill out the appropriate form.

To obtain a current list of cost centers, click here.


At times the fund center director will find, for a variety of reasons, that funds will need to be moved from one G/L code to another, from one fund center to another, or that additional funds are needed that are not within the director’s fund center. To move funds between G/L codes and/or Fund Centers the person requiring these funds transfers to take place needs to sign in to the Portal and follow the tab for the eBTA. Follow the instructions below.