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Ordering textbooks through the LAVC Bookstore

Faculty should place their textbook orders with the LAVC Monarch Campus Store (Bookstore) with either the online system or the Textbook Order Form by the book order due dates noted below.


  • WINTER: OCTOBER 1-15 (or within 3 days of assignment)
  • SPRING: OCTOBER 21-31 (or within 3 days of assignment)
  • SUMMER: APRIL 1-10 (or within 3 days of assignment)
  • FALL: APRIL 1-30 (or within 3 days of assignment)

Please be informed we are transitioning to a new textbook ordering method starting this Winter term.  You will be emailed a link that you can click and proceed to order your textbooks. The emails should be sent directly to your email address, but please check your SPAM or Junk folder just in-case the textbook adoption email is sent there. We no longer accept manual forms.

We have some easy to following instructions that you can read over to understand this new system better.  If you have any questions, you can contact Redshelf at Submit a Request.

Adopt-Red Shelf Instructions

  1. When you get the email, scroll down the email until you get down to the section that says "It’s Time to Adopt"
  2. Click on the link, and that will take you to the Redshelf website
  3. The website will ask you to create a password initially before you are allowed into the website.  Please follow the directions.
  4. Select the class and section that you are requesting books for
  5. If you are requesting a book, and the textbook information is listed, click Accept Adoption.
  6. If you are requesting a book, and the textbook information is not listed, click Add Material.  
  7. If you would like to add additional materials that are not listed, click Edit, then click Add Material to enter the information. Please use the Search bar to help you look up the information by Author, Title, or ISBN.
  8. If you are not, click Submit No Adoptions.
  9. When adding materials, please enter in as much information as possible.  Enter in the ISBN, Title, Author, Publisher, Edition (select whether you want the latest edition if available), the format (Print or Digital), whether the books are required and if an access code is required
  10. If you are requesting a custom version, a course reader or lab manual, or you would like to request that the students buy the textbook with an access code, please write that down in the Notes portion of the Textbook Request
  11. Continue to Add Materials until you are finished entering in textbook information (Following steps 6-10).
  12. When all completed, click Adopt.

If the department head is looking over your textbook adoption, the adoption will be emailed to them first.  Once he or she looks it over and clicks Adopt, the bookstore will then receive an email with the textbook information.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you!