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New/Returning Students



If you attended any Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) College in the last year, you do not need to apply. If you're unsure whether you attended, login to the LACCD Student portal to see whether you have a registration appointment.

You must apply online to Los Angeles Valley College if:

  1. You have never attended Los Angeles Valley College or any of the other LACCD colleges.  
  2. You stopped attending Los Angeles Valley College or any of the other LACCD colleges for two or more semesters.

Deciding Which Classes To Take

Meet with a counselor every semester to ensure you are on track in meeting their educational goals.

Call the Counseling Department at (818) 947-2600 extension 4200 to schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor, or go to the Counseling Department located in the Student Services Annex.

Enrolling In Classes

Students must register online for classes on or after their appointment date.

Please check the LAVC Schedule of Classes or LAVC Catalog to determine whether the course(s) you are trying to enroll in has prerequisites.

  • If you have met the prerequisites in the Los Angeles Community College District, enroll in the classes.
  • If you cannot enroll because you don't meet prerequisites, bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts to the Admissions and Records Office - Records Counter located in the Student Services Center.
  • If you have not completed prerequisites for the classes of your choice, enroll in them this semester.

Paying Your Fees

Students are required to pay their fees after enrolling in classes. A fee receipt is required in order to buy books at the campus bookstore.

The cost of tuition depends on whether you are a California resident, an out-of-state student or an international student. You may pay your online with a credit card or fees in-person in the Business Office, located next to the bookstore.