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Dean of Adult/Community Education and Workforce Development


Dr. Douglas Marriott has taught in both the Psychology and English Departments at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) and directed Specially Funded Workforce Development projects for the LAVC Workforce Training Program.

His academic preparation includes coursework from North Seattle Community College, three Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Washington, a Master’s in Education from Chapman University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UCLA.

Dr. Marriott has served as the volunteer Program Board Chairman for MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity), a non-profit agency in the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

In his experience with administrative leadership, he has served as the Director of Workforce Training and of the Cooperative Education/Work Experience Program/Job Resource Center at LAVC, continuing the advancement of Adult Education initiatives on campus.  Dr. Marriott oversees the Workforce Development/Job Training (Cooperative Education) and Family Resource Center, and works directly with the CalWORKs/GAIN department.