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New World of Work 21st Century Employability Skills

Engaging, interactive lessons and videos designed to teach transferable skills workers need for success in our global economy.


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Entrepreneurial Mindset
BSICSKL 108CE (26204)
BSICSKL 113CE (26209)
Analysis/Solution Mindset
BSICSKL 109CE (26205)
BSICSKL 114CE (26210)
BSICSKL 110CE (26206)
BSICSKL 115CE (26213)
BSICSKL 111CE (26207)
BSICSKL 116CE (26211)
Diversity Awareness
BSICSKL 112CE (26208)
Digital Fluency
BSICSKL 117CE (26212)

Interested in enrolling? Here’s how:

   1. Visit and click the “Register” tab at the upper right
   2. On the LACCD page, log-in or create your SIS account
   3. Once logged in, click on “Manage Classes,”  and select “Class Search and Enroll”
   4. Pick “Current Semester” (Fall 2020),
   5. Under "Search for Classes", enter the “class number” and click on the arrow
   6. You will see the section you are trying to enroll in. Continue by click on the arrow.
   7. Click “Next,” “Proceed to step 2 of 3,” then “Finish Enrolling”
   8. Repeat steps to enroll in additional sections

Each course is a total of nine hours as a blend of instruction, discussions, videos, activities, and assignments and covers essential concepts to enhance work skills applicable in a variety of careers and industries. Pairing two, four, six, eight, or all ten courses will make you eligible for earning different levels of certificates (as long as Communication is included in the combination).

For registration assistance, contact Adult Education counselor
Stephanie Meza ( or 818-778-5830.

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