Los Angeles Valley College
Philosophy / Economics / Jewish Studies

Zack Knorr

All it took was one philosophy class and I was hooked. For the first 20 years of my life I had assumed that the values and beliefs that I took to be central to my life were beyond dispute, and for the first time I was being forced to question them. This questioning led me to pursue a Masters Degree in Political Philosophy, and then finally to pursue a Ph.D. by focusing on the ways in which economic theory intersected with student activism (particularly the student anti-sweatshop movement). After a two year stint working for an international student organization (United Students Against Sweatshops) I came back to Los Angeles to focus on teaching philosophy. Just as it did in my life, I find that philosophy can provide an excellent opportunity for students to investigate who they are, what they value, and, most importantly, what they want to be. It is this commitment to what Michel Foucault would call the care of the self that motivates my work, both inside and outside of the classroom, at Valley College. Plus, it's nice to have summers off.