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Zev Garber
Zev GarberZev Garber is Professor Emeritus and Chair of Jewish Studies at Los Angeles Valley College and has served as Visiting Professor in Religious Studies at the University of California at Riverside and as President of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH). Currently he is Editor of Iggeret (newsletter of NAPH), Editor-in-Chief of Studies in Shoah series (UPA), Co-Editor of Shofar, Founding Editor of Shofar Supplements in Jewish Studies, and Editorial Advisor to Western States Jewish History. Also, he was the Visiting Rosenthal Professor at Case Western Reserve University (Spring, 2005). Author of many academic articles and reviews, his book publications include Methodology in the Academic Teaching of Judaism (1986), Methodology in the Academic Teaching of the Holocaust (1988), Teaching Hebrew Language and Literature at the College Level (1991), Shoah: the Paradigmatic Genocide (1994), Perspectives on Zionism (1994), What Kind of God? Essays in Honor of Richard L. Rubenstein (1995; consultant editor), Peace, In Deed: Essays in Honor of Harry James Cargas (1998), Academic Approaches to Teaching Jewish Studies (2000), Post-Shoah Dialogues: Rethinking Our Texts Together (with Steven Jacobs, Henry Knight, and James Moore, ed., 2004), Double Takes: Thinking and Rethinking Issues of Modern Judaism in Ancient Contexts (with Bruce Zuckerman, 2004), Shoah and Israeli Writing ( 2005), Mel Gibsonís Passion: The Film, the Controversy, and Its Implications (2006) and The Impact of the Shoah in America and in Jewish American Life, Casden Annual, vol.6, USC ( 2008). Finally, Maven in Blue Jeans: A Festschrift in Honor of Zev Garber is forthcoming from Purdue University Press in 2009.