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Broadcasting: Performance (AA)


Please note:  These requirements are based on 2021-2022 LAVC Catalog.

Complete a minimum of 60 transferrable semester units consisting of required courses for major, general education and elective courses as needed.  Some major courses may double count for general education.  Each major course must be completed with a grade of C or higher. To explore career and academic pathway options, visit the LAVC Program Mapper.

Students who plan to graduate and/or transfer should first meet with a Counselor to review and submit a Petition for Graduation early in the semester before they are expected to complete their requirements. Online Graduation  Petitions that are submitted without a counselor’s approval will require a counselor's review and approval in order for it to be processed. For the latest degree requirements, check the LAVC catalog.

Complete the following 12 required courses

Course Course Title UNITS
BRDCSTG 001 Fundamentals of Television and Radio Broadcasting 3
BRDCSTG 003 Voice and Diction for Radio and Television 3
BRDCSTG 005 Radio and Television Acting 3
BRDCSTG 010 Radio Programming and Production 3
BRDCSTG 017 Introduction to Voice-over 3
BRDCSTG 021 Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions for Broadcasting 3
BRDCSTG 022-1 Introductory Radio/Television Activities 1
BRDCSTG 022-2* Beginning Radio/Television Activities 1
BRDCSTG 023 News, Sports, and Live Remote Broadcasting for Radio & Television 3
BRDCSTG 025 Radio/TV/Film Writing 3
BRDCSTG 026 TV-Film Aesthetics 3
BRDCSTG 028 Television Announcing I 3

Total units required for major: 32

Follow Associate Degree General Education Requirements – LACCD Plan to meet general education unit requirements.

Required general education units: 21

Required degree applicable elective units: 7

Total units required: 60

*This course has a prerequisite or a corequisite.
#Cross-referenced course.