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Committee Meeting Dates

9/16/20, 10/21/20, 11/18/20, 12/16/20, 2/17/21, 3/17/21, 4/21/21, 5/19/21

2:30 pm, ACA 2507 (Online meetings during remote operations)

Committee Members

Dave Green, Assoc. Dean, SSD
Sherri Rodriguez, Student Services
Laurie Nalepa, Academic Affairs
Vacant, Administrative Services

Faculty Members 
Gregory Morrison, General
Christopher Pallotti, General
Arantxa Rodriguez, General
Magda Walsh, DE coordinator
Wilson Chu, General*

Staff Members 
Jose Torres AFT 1521A
David Cameron, SEIU 721

Student Member 
Emily Gutierrez, ICC Rep ASU

Resource Members
Jeanne Owens, Professional Development
Jennifer Borucki, Public Relations
Mark Henderson, Regional IT Manager
Karen Daar, VP, Academic Affairs
Meredith Stoops, Admin Services

* Chair



Technology Committee

Technology Committee


The purpose of the Technology Committee

Provide vision, leadership, planning and coordination for campus-wide computing, telecommunications, and technology in general. Make recommendations to the Council and the college President on computing systems and services, campus network and applications, accessibility and other technology issues as they arise. Develop and implement a comprehensive long-range technology plan addressing the computing and technology needs of the college through the next few years, including: computer systems and services, network development, equipment and training needs, institutional telecommunications and instructional technology applications. Provide input to other Shared Governance Committees, Vice President Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Administration Services regarding the use of funds related to technology.

GOALS 2020-2021

  1. Evaluate technology use and resources on campus.
  2. Review, validate, and report current needs and trends in the Program Review Process and Technology modules.
  3. Identify campus wide technology, Section 508, and accessibility compliance training needs, resources, and opportunities to be coordinated with the Office of Professional Development, administration, and shared governance committees.
  4. Identify key technology gaps or improvements based on campus wide feedback and incorporate them into the 2020-2025 Technology Plan to facilitate collaborative changes and improve service area outcomes.
  5. Assist the technology accreditation team in coordinating and preparing the report.

Membership/Represented Constituencies (PDF)

Technology Commitee Documents


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