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All committee sites have been moved to a new platform. This site is available for archive purposes and may no longer be maintained.
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Committee Meeting Dates

5/18/12, 6/8/12

Committee Members

Enrique Aniceto
Carol Bishop
Jamison Carter
Meredith Leonard
Dana Lubow
Doug Marriott
Rod Moore
Lynn Polasek
Anna Palacios
Bonnie Rapp
La Vergne Rosow, Chair
Lester Salvador, Comisioner of Campus and Environmental Affairs
Emelie Traub, Eco-Advocates President
Roana Thornock
Bill Wallis


Jim Borer
Sue Carleo
Deborah DiCesare
Jack Epling
Tom Lopez
Sandy Mayo
Laurie Nalepa
Alan Pollack
Kathy Snider
Joanne Waddell



Sustainability Group

Sustainability Group


Group Picture of the Sustainability Team: Listing of members below photo

Sustainability 2012-2013
Standing L-R: Michael Hee, Emelie Traub, Enrique Aniceto, Jack Epling,

Jamison Carter
Seated: Carol Bishop, Sue Carleo, La Vergne Rosow


Sustainability Group Mission 

We foster responsibility and pride in our campus as a living organism.

We aid in implementing sustainability policies and practices, aware that we all are stewards of the earth and have an interdependence with the environment as individuals and as a community.

Sustainability Group First Year Goals

We will draft a plan to raise sustainability consciousness among all the LAVC constituencies.

We will draft a plan to establish awareness across the 5 areas of sustainability: waste, chemicals, water, food, and resources.

Begin a resource pool on which the campus community may draw.

Draft steps towards providing vision, leadership, planning and coordination for campus-wide groups, such as: student involvement, Transportation, green building, food and recycling, climate change and energy, and administration.

Initiate an inventory of the existing biodiversity on campus.

Initiate campus activities (eg. tours, art exhibits, workshops, etc.) to foster interest in sustainability.

Make recommendations for the future vision of the campus as a living organism.

Draft a comprehensive five-year plan addressing the sustainable needs of our campus and community