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Committee Meeting Dates

9/21/20, 10/19/20, 11/16/20, 2/22/21, 3/15/21, 4/19/21, 5/17/21

1:30 pm,  ACA 2507 (Online meetings during remote operations)

Committee Members

Mike Lee**, VP Administrative Services
Florentino Manzano, VP Student Services
Karen Daar, VP Academic Affairs
Llanet Martin, Teamsters 911

Faculty Members
Howard Levine**
Ellie Rabani
Ruby Christian-Brougham
Michael Fitzgerald

Staff Members
Julia Mendoza, AFT 1521A
Tom Aduwo, Classified Supervisors

Student Member
Daniela Salgado, ASU

Resource Members
Sarah Song, Associate VP. Administrative Services
Crystal Liu, Senior Accountant
Robert Medina, Business Office
Meredith Stoops, President's Office

Ex Officio
Barry Gribbons, LAVC President




Budget Committee

Budget Committee


Mission and Purpose: Budget

The Budget Committee functions as a shared governance committee to evaluate prioritization and make recommendations for resource allocations to the Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC).


The committee will develop a systematic prioritization of college anuual plan and evaluate resource requests.


  1. Review and comment on monthly/quarterly budget assumptions.
  2. Review monthly/quarterly actual-to-budget projections.
  3. Assists in multi-year planning and goals.
  4. Report to the IEC on the above items.

2020-2021 Budget Committee Goals:

  1. Provide ongoing budget review.
  2. Provide input and make recommendations on hiring and budget issues.
  3. Rank program prioritization lists and strategic priorities.
  4. Review funding models, fiscal effectiveness, funding requests, revenue generating opportunities, and other fiscal matters that might arise.
  5. Look for opportunities for increased fiscal transparency.


The Budget Committee will be represented in the shared governance structure as advisory support for IEC.


Third Monday of each month

Membership/Represented Constituencies (PDF)


  1. The VPAS will be a standing co-chair. The committee will elect a Chair for 2 academic years.
  2. Administrative support will be provided by the Office of Administrative Services.


Committee Member SharePoint Site Access

How to use SharePoint (docx)