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Committee Participants

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Michelle Fowles,
Dean of Research & Planning




Big Picture Committee

Big Picture Committee


The Big Picture Task Force was convened by the college president in Spring 2009 to evaluate the LAVC’s approach to integrated planning and decision making.  A team of campus leaders were assembled to get a broad perspective and create a plan of action. The resulting plan, implementation and evaluation are detailed below (in reverse chronological order).  Though the task force does not continue to meet, this site provides an overview of the changes to the shared governance structure and integrated planning.

The Institutional Effectiveness Council will assemble a workgroup annually in Spring to evaluate the shared governance structure and make any recommendations for consideration for the following academic year.  All recommendations should be considered and modifications approved before the June council retreat.


No structural changes were made for the implementation of the 2012-13 academic year.  The IEC will continue to evaluate the Council and Committee functions throughout the academic year as part of the college's self-evaluation.

During 2012-13, the campus is focused on integrating the revised annual plan process within the shared governance structure.

2012-2013 Structure

*This diagram represents only the shared governance structure and its interaction with the Academic Senate.

2011-2012 PLAN (Modified Plan)

 2011-2012 structure


The 2011-2012 council and tier 2 committee membership [PDF: 22KB] includes representation from the four campus constituencies (e.g. faculty, staff, administrators and students).

2010 - 2011 EVALUATION

During Spring 2011 a workgroup was convened to evaluate the first year of the structure.  The Evaluation Workgroup report was presented at the May and June Council meetings.  Based on the Workgroup's report [PDF: 246KB], recommendations were made to the college president. Modifications that were implemented for 2011-2012 include:

  • Single council model (IEC), elimination of COAC
  • Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) modified to tier 3 under Work Environment Committee (WEC)
  • Single elected chair, elimination of Dean of Research & Planning as appointed co-chair
  • Elimination of the Fiscal Analysis Workgroup (FAW), formation of Fiscal Review and Oversight Group (FROG)

Resources used for the evaluation include:

  • Committee Self-Evaluation
  • Chair Self Evaluation


To promote better communication and links between committees, major campus committees were included in the structure. The Councils (Institutional Effectiveness and College Operations Advisory) were designated as tier 1. The 7 subcommittees (Education Planning, Facilities Planning, Hiring Prioritization, Program Effectiveness and Planning, Student Success, Technology, WEC) as tier 2 and other campus committees were assigned to a tier 2 committee for reporting purposes and designated as tier 3 committees.  The focus of the implementation was on tier 1 and 2.

Membership -  Committee members and chairs were solicited through a Committee Interest Survey.  The survey was also used throughout the year to replace committee members and solicit participants for workgroup. Constituency leaders select their respective committee representatives.

Calendar - A common calendar was implemented to improve scheduling of shared governance committee and other major campus meetings.

LAVC 411 - The LAVC 411 site was implemented for committees to quickly communicate major action items to the campus.

Troubleshooting - During the first year of the new structure a troubleshooting group monitored implementation of the new structure.  As part of the troubleshooting process, team members attended committee meetings, solicited input and addressed questions and issues raised by committee members and constituencies. Reports were made to IEC and COAC about the status of troubleshooting issues. Throughout the implementation year, some processes were clarified and formalized.

Troubleshooting Workgroup Members:

  • Don Gauthier
  • Larry Nakamura
  • Cyndi Maddren
  • Rebecca Stein
  • Michelle Fowles


Charge of the Committee Workgroup: To review the roles and responsibilities of the current committees. Obtain/establish job descriptions for committee chairs.

As a result of the workgroups findings, a recommendation was made and approved to modify the existing shared governance structure.

Committee Chair Surveys

To better understand our current committee structure/functions and the role of chairs, current committee chairs were surveyed.  

Other Resources Used

Workgroup members:

  • Rebecca Stein
  • Sally Raskoff
  • Deborah diCesare
  • Michelle Fowles
  • Cheryl Glasband
  • Violet Amrikhas (resource)

BIG PICTURE TASK FORCE (Initial Evaluation)

The Big Picture task force was convened by the college president in Spring 2009 to evaluate the LAVC’s approach to integrated planning and decision making.  A team of campus leaders were assembled to get a broad perspective and create a plan of action. 

Several work groups were formed to carry out the tasks of the group:

  • Annual Plan
  • Committees
  • Communication
  • Planning Handbook
  • Reassigned Time
  • Transition
Task Force Participants:
Violet Amrikhas, Dorothy Bates, Sheri Berger, Sue Carleo, Yasmin Delahoussaye, Deborah diCesare, Michelle Fowles, Don Gauthier, Cheryl Glasband, Tom Jacobsmeyer, Mary John, Sandy Mayo, Ron Mossler, Larry Nakamura, Laurie Nalepa, Marla O'Connell, Sally Raskoff, Annie Reed, La Vergne Rosow, Diedra Stark, Arlene Stein, Rebecca Stein, Bruce Thomas, Roana Thornock, Joanne Waddell, Bill Wallis, Carole Yee