For Faculty

Did you know...

  • Most students learn about campus tutoring services from their instructors.

  • Research has shown students who use tutoring services are more successful than students who do not. The LAVC Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) displays tutoring success and retention data on their data dashboard. OIE disaggregated impact of tutoring by each lab. You can access the dashbord via the link here. 

  • ARC tutors go through extensive training, and the ARC is certified as CRLA tutor training site.

What type of tutorial support is available for students?

  1. LAVC’s Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides online tutoring and workshops with dedicated support from the Math Lab, Writing Center, General Tutoring, and Computer Commons in the following areas: Anatomy, Accounting, CAOT, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, Math (all levels), Music, Physics, Spanish, and Statistics. Through the Writing Center, we assist students with writing assignments from any class (e.g., Anthropology, Art History, Business, Cinema, Communication, History, Political Science, Sociology, etc.)
  2. We offer free weekly workshops for writing and mathematics. These sessions are led by LAVC faculty and provide students additional opportunities to practice and ask questions.
  3. We support students who have questions about computer software programs (MS Office Suite) and portals through the Computer Commons.
  4. We coordinate embedded tutoring for variety of subjects including English, math and statistics.
  5. Students enrolled in special programs (e.g. EOPS, TRiO, Veterans, Umoja, CalWORKS, SSD, etc.) may have access to program specific tutoring. Visit the Special Programs page for more information.
  6. Additionally, all LAVC students can use NetTutor’s online services to receive free online help in their classes. NetTutor is funded by the District and provides comprehensive tutorial support for most subjects with help available 24/7 for high demand areas. Students can access NetTutor through their portal or through Canvas. For information on how to access NetTutor, submit papers, and more, visit the NetTutor information page.

How do students access online tutoring services?

Beginning Fall 2021, you and your students can access tutoring services via Penji using their computers or phone. Students simply click that link, find their lab and subject, and they’re in! This step-by-step guide provides a detailed overview of how to access it. You’ll see two links for tutoring: LAVC Online Tutoring and NetTutor. We encourage you and the students to use LAVC Online Tutoring first, and use NetTutor for additional access outside the ARC’s hours of operations or for subjects where we do not provide tutoring. For more information about the differences between the two services this infographic provides a comparison.

How can I promote tutoring services in my course?

Syllabus Statement:

Copy/paste (and modify as needed) the following statement into your syllabus:

Did you know that students who use tutoring services are more successful than students who do not? LAVC provides comprehensive tutorial support programs for writing, mathematics, and many discipline specific subjects. For more information about hours, location, and additional resources like study rooms, laptops, and handouts, visit the ARC  website homepage. 

‚ÄčAnnouncement in Canvas:

Copy/paste (and modify as needed) the following announcement into your Canvas Course announcements;

‚ÄčThe Academic Resource Center (ARC) is here to support you virtually! The ARC provides free online tutoring and workshops for a wide variety of subjects. The ARC’s fantastic tutors are ready and available to help you.

Tutoring is completely free, so you have nothing to lose and only new knowledge to gain! In fact, students who use the ARC’s tutoring services typically earn higher grades in their classes.

To access the virtual tutoring center, you can access tutoring services via Penji using your computers or phone. Simply click that link, Create an account, find your lab, subject, and you're in!

For more information about the ARC’s online tutoring and academic support services, visit

If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Scott Weigand at or for assistance.

Provide Your Students with ARC's Promo Video and FAQs

The following short video (1:44) shows your students exactly how to access the ARC's online tutoring services, and this FAQ document is another helpful resource with screenshot pictures. 

Invite us to your synchronous Canvas class meeting to provide a five minute presentation. 

The ARC offers 5-10 minute class presentations to provide an overview of tutoring services as well as answer any questions about each center.

If you are interested in a class announcement, please fill out our REQUEST FORM and click "SUBMIT" when you are finished. We will contact you to set up the announcement after we receive your completed form.

Should I offer my student extra credit to attend tutoring?

Many faculty ask if they should incentivize students with extra credit to visit the tutoring centers.  Although faculty use this strategy with the best of intentions, generic extra credit points can lead to...

  • students having no interest in the service and only showing up to collect points.
  • limited access for students who really need tutoring services.

Therefore, we suggest the following strategies:

  1. Identify the students who really need academic support and kindly refer them to the appropriate tutoring services. If offering extra credit to these students who really need tutoring increases their chance of attending, then it’s a viable option. Offering very minimal points can be a stragey, but be sure that if students cannot access tutoring for any reason, you have an alternative option for those students.
  2. For students who do not necessarily need academic support, but you want to raise their awareness of the service for future semesters, encourage them to visit the Center and a complete a directed learning activity (DLAs). The DLAs that cover test taking strategies, note taking and study skills/time management. If you want to encourage your students to visit the ARC, this is the perfect solution. You can refer your students to ARC services and have them complete a DLA. We'll review it, and provide proof of attendance.

If students need self-instructional resources like handouts and videos to help with the content in their classes, how do they access it?

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Please email ARC Director Scott Weigand at or call (818)947-2811.