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Emil Goubasarian: Change from Business to Mathematics? Future Machine Learning Engineer

Emil Goubasarian initially began as business major pursuing accounting, but had a change of heart last minute and switched majors to mathematics in order to pursue data science. He was fascinated with financial markets since his early teens which was why he chose accounting to begin with. However, he quickly came to realize that financial markets are only a small part of accounting, and that much of accounting is record keeping, which he found to be mundane. In search of something more meaningful, Emil began spending time on personal study and in the process started a fun project for educational purposes. His project was to use Excel and statistical concepts to discover if there was any correlation with stock prices and company earnings exceeding/disappointing analyst expectations. The goal of the project was not to discover anything, but to learn. In the process of working on this project, he came to realize the limitations of Excel as he started to work with very large datasets. So, he began researching the internet for any solutions, and that was when he discovered the beauty of data science and machine learning. He switched majors from there on began his academic journey towards becoming a machine learning engineer.

This semester the Math Lab is excited to use a new online tutoring program called Penji that integrates with Zoom and will make accessing online tutoring easy. Here’s a short video that explains how to get started. After watching the video, either sign-in on the web app or through your mobile device (iOS and Android), follow the steps outlined in the video, and select the “LAVC Math Lab” for your community

For more information about the ARC’s online tutoring and academic support services, visit www.lavc.edu/arc. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Professor Fendi He (hefy@lavc.edu) or Professor Iveta Toneryan (TONERYI@LAVC.EDU) for assistance.