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Writing Center in Your Classroom


The Writing Center in Your Syllabus:


If you would like to include information about the Center in your syllabus, please feel free to use the  following statement, or modify it to meet your own needs.


Writing Center Syllabus Statement:


The Writing Center is located in LARC 229 (second floor of the library). Contact us at (818)947-2810 or visit our website.


The Writing Center, staffed with both undergraduate and graduate students, can assist writers at any stage of their writing process through individualized feedback and interactive practice in a comfortable setting. Students  can receive help with understanding the assignment,  prewriting, drafting,  revision, and polishing of final drafts. Although the staff will not proofread or edit papers for students, they will teach students strategies and techniques for how to edit their own papers, helping students to become better writers. One-to-one tutoring sessions last for thirty minutes, and then students can stay and use any of the Center's resources such as reference books, computer access,  and free handouts. The Writing Center also offers online tutoring,  free workshops every semester, and lab classes English 67, 68, and 69. For more information, visit our Laboratory Classes and Workhops page.